Sunday, January 1, 2012


Just a quick blog post:

Becca's looking to expand her ironing business in the Ft Walton beach area! Read below!

Hello everyone,
Its a brand new year and we have been very blessed. We are looking forward to the new adventures that God has for us.

I wanted to share with you my desire to add some additional personalized services to my current Ironning business. Some examples would be light housecleaning, running errands and even possibly shopping services. If you or someone you know would be interested in finding out more about these services, please text, or email and we'll chat. I want to help you remove the stress in your lives in 2012.

Contact me

Be Blessed,Not Stressed
Becka Gilligan

If you or someone you know is looking for some additional help with those stressfull weekly tasks that have to get done, Email Becca and chat about how she might be able to help!

In an economy like this you gotta be creative!

Philippians 4:19

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Don't Like Ironing?

I always get a kick out of the reaction we get when we tell someone that Becka irons for people! There's always a baffled look on thier face that's usually accompanied by a statement like "Really? (pause)...I never thought about that". The funny thing is, I never thought about it either. When Becka suggested she might be able to make money ironing clothes, I figured nobodys gonna pay for that! She needed to focus on more normal things like cleaning or babysitting etc. I couldn't have been more wrong! lol

           Isn't it cool how God often meets our needs in ways we never expected!

I was recovering from a brain tumor, and we desperatly needed to add some extra income! There weren't many jobs to choose from, besides Becka getting a job just didn't work for our situation! It was important for her to be home with me! She needed something simple and flexible! We needed to get creative!

 Becka had a background working for several drycleaners as well as cleaning homes and condos! She had gone on several interviews with no results! Those jobs weren't what she needed anyway, so she came up with a simple idea to send out an email to all her friends in the local area. She offered assistance with common household tasks for a negotiable fee! She got a couple offers but they were all 1 time deals! Very appreciated, Very helpfull, ... but unfortunately very temporary!

As you know, persistance pays off, one of the items Becka listed in her original email finally caught the attention of the right person! One of the ladies in the womens bible study she attends emailed her back with a few referrals! That item that drew attention was "Ironing". Now I know nobody likes to do ironing but evidentally there are people who are so sick and tired of it, they are will to pay someone to do it! lol

With those 2 customers Becka was off and running! We had no money to invest in advertising so I printed a few plain cards for her with the tag line "Don't Like Ironing?". She was totally counting on word of mouth! She found a few interested from her cards, but those original satisfied referals were the spark, leading to a few other referrals and so on! Becka had a simple plan of pickup and dropoff each week for a per item flat fee! Keep it simple was her phylosophy! Within a couple months she was making enough to pay the rent and then some! Way more than we expected! Becka planted the seeds and God provided the harvest!

I am so proud of what Becka has accomplished! She has worked hard overcoming her fears and getting out of her comfortzone! Her customers love her too! It's hard to imagine, but she's now been ironing for over 2 years! Setting her own schedule each day, working maybe 20 hours a week, handling 500+ pieces of clothing each month! The relationships she's developed and the additional money she's been able to add to the budget has been a tremendous blessing!

She's developed the nickname "Iron Lady", I don't remember who suggested it originally but I like it! Becka reminds me of a superhero saving ladies everywhere from the weekly stress of ironing! If you Really think about it, time is so precious, the service she provides allows her wonderful customers to add 2 or 3 hours a week back into thier lifestyle! A pretty good deal!

Beckas simple idea was a great NOW solution for us! Who knows what the future may hold for it! I do know this, God has used it to pour out his blessings on us bringing in much needed income, opening up new relationships and new opportunities!

I am so blessed to have a wife who loves and trusts the lord!
Your Awesome "Iron Lady"!